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Relationship Counselling

I can work with you on many different issues which can

come up in Relationship and Couple's Counselling,

here are a few:

  • Difficulties with communication

  • Imbalance regards each individuals contribution to the relationship

  • Trust issues

  • Childhood and family dynamics impacting negatively on the relationship

  • Allowing others to be dominant or abusive.

  • Not voicing or meeting your own personal needs from a relationship.

Couple's Counselling

All relationship difficulties are likely to result in distance and resentment between a couple if they are not addressed. The longer they go unresolved the more chance a relationship will eventually breakdown completely and/ or one partner may look elsewhere to have their needs met.


In order for relationship counselling to work, both individuals have to be willing to prioritise their relationship's needs. They have to be committed to making appropriate changes or ‘doing things differently’ in order to benefit the future of their relationship. If the relationship is going to work both parties need to be willing to meet somewhere in the middle/reach a compromise regards their ‘differences’ which feels ‘good enough’ for each of their needs, expectations, values etc.

Family Counselling


Family plays an important role in our physical, emotional and spiritual development throughout our lives. Family is where we learn how to relate to others, how to express our emotions and how to develop our values and beliefs. When families encounter change following a bereavement, a divorce, moving to a new place, serious mental or physical illness, or child and adolescent issues, they may find it difficult to adapt. All families experience similar issues, but every family is different. The counselling process, therefore, can help family members to communicate with each other in a healthier way, support them to find ways to resolve their family problems and help them to understand and manage their unique family situation.  I can work with family members to achieve this.

Relationship Counselling
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